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Chapter to end

 You call, I answer, to hear the same topic as before. You vent, I listen, and give you the best advice and wisdom I have. You’re lonely, need a moment, and to my door you come. To receive that eye to eye contact that you wish you could get at home. You say you love me, I say the same, because no one knows our story. How far back we go, how long we’ve grown, into the roots that were planted before us. In the toxic environment, the abandonment and trials, and still we tried not to be a statistic.  I made it out, you dove right in, back to the same patterns. You give loyalty to those who wish ill towards you. While I give grace and keep my distance because my discernment is constantly working. I want the best for you when all you want is comfort. Chasing a dream and getting so close. To then fall back to the familiar patterns all because you couldn’t keep that mouth closed. Not everyone needs to see and know what you’re doing. Who you’re around and who you’re screwing. Simply because the

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