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Here is your release

 I take this time to give you my release. I trusted you with my space which cause you to live free. Your motives were not pure as much as you wanted to say. You still do not see how you used me even to this day. The tears I have shed are extremely real, I even have moments when I just can't deal. I can't deal with a fact that I was taken advantage of, I even believed you when you said I was the one you loved.  What I should have seen was the manipulation in your behavior from a different interpretation. I will not say that I'm mad at myself. I was completely honest and genuine with my wealth. It wasn't about numbers or giving without being asked, it's about the time spent and how it really didn't last. You may not realize all that you have done, but at the same time I'm pretty sure you had fun.  In those moments to see people there for you, even giving you the last of what they had. Just to make sure you were okay before you could even ask. You see people li

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