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It’s Time

 Not all doors are meant to be open. Some people are meant to stay in the past. When tragedy strikes and something earth shattering occurs, that doesn’t mean you need to reach out to whom or what was. Living in the past is so dangerous, especially when your thoughts turn into fantasies.  They say if it’s meant to be they will come back to you. However, I will take a stand to disagree. When some hear that, it gives them that one thought, that one tiny glimmer of hope that perhaps they or it will return. What that will do is cause that person to pause their own personal growth. If that person is meant for you, then they would have been for you. That doesn’t mean you sit and wait for them to become for you. To often people tend to sit and wait for someone to become for them when in fact they were not supposed to be with them in the first place. Or you force an opportunity to become yours when in fact that was supposed to be for someone else. You didn’t need that position or that person, y

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