From Life to Living

 Life is on autopilot, you get up, go to work, and just survive. You live this life hoping, wishing, wanting a true meaning of it. From time to time you hear God and question instead of obey. You look at others and stay at a place of comparison. Can I look like them? Be happy like them? Be married like them? Or have a baby like them? What's wrong with me? You tend to ask, not knowing your true value is far more than any amount of cash. You're not going to look like them because that's not his design. He wants you to see this, he wants to be your guide.

It's time for you to take off your blinds. It's time to see your life through his eyes. No longer see the love and value from others. Allow God to show you how much he values you as his daughter. This is new to you and by far foreign. Only because your earthly father was to broken. You haven't seen healthy love with no strings attached. Someone who said and meant that they had your back.

No longer stay in this place of autopilot, get off the hamster wheel and start walking into your light. Like the word says to drop every weight that's holding you down. And start living the life that will only make God proud. Walk in this peace that only he has given. For now you are walking from life to living.


Aleshia said…
Amen. Very good read. Thank you for sharing..

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