Here is your release

 I take this time to give you my release. I trusted you with my space which cause you to live free. Your motives were not pure as much as you wanted to say. You still do not see how you used me even to this day. The tears I have shed are extremely real, I even have moments when I just can't deal. I can't deal with a fact that I was taken advantage of, I even believed you when you said I was the one you loved. 

What I should have seen was the manipulation in your behavior from a different interpretation. I will not say that I'm mad at myself. I was completely honest and genuine with my wealth. It wasn't about numbers or giving without being asked, it's about the time spent and how it really didn't last. You may not realize all that you have done, but at the same time I'm pretty sure you had fun. 

In those moments to see people there for you, even giving you the last of what they had. Just to make sure you were okay before you could even ask. You see people like me will always be blessed. For we do things without asking for anything in return because we know where our help comes from. So yes, I am hurt and broken in many pieces. However, I know this moment will not last and it will come to pass. 

For now I will continue on with my healing and grieve in a healthy manner. And you will no longer live rent free in my heart and mind. Meanwhile, I'll continue to remind myself that I'm one of a kind. I'm something pretty magical with so much to give and offer. That even the shark tank can't afford me nor can they give me a deal. This is what happens when you stand on your own growth and healing. It's something beautiful to those that know me and can see me for who I am. 

So I say to you while handing you your release, is thank you for the way you treated me. Thank you for showing me the bad so I can appreciate and accept the good. Thank you for ignoring me when I truly needed you. Thank you for blaming me in all of this mess. Thanking for lying to me even when I actually gave you a chance. A chance to tell the truth and say your peace. To say that you are with someone else all the while telling me how much you missed me. 

Truth of the matter is you didn't miss who I am, you simply missed what all I could do. I'm not sure how hard it was to keep up with your lies. But I'm sure one day you'll see it in time. For the one thing I know from seeing and living, is that you reap what you sow no matter how good you are at dealing. In the end we are all held accountable for our actions and thoughts. I just hope you're ready when your name is called. 


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