Knowing your boundaries

 In the dictionary, the term boundaries means "A line that marks the limits of an area; a dividing line." The term deal breaker means "An aspect, condition, or item that would not be accepted by a party to a business transaction or political deal." When it comes to relationships, whether platonic or romantic boundaries and deal breakers are very important to have.

You know your worth, you know what you want, and you will not except anything less. There have been plenty of occasions where I made exceptions hoping that things would change. However, that left me in a position of heartache and headache. I would make excuses for them and say that this will pass and or change in due time. This habit became so unhealthy for me that I knew I needed a change. Reading the book Attached, I've learned that each person has a specific attachment style. These are anxious, avoidant, and the secure attachment style. These styles come from the each person's foundation which means childhood. I discovered that my attachment style (anxious), caused me to be attracted to the avoidance attachment style people. 

That style made me feel like I had to work hard or prove myself that I was worth wanting and loving. This drove me to do things at the cost of my own character simply because I wanted to be loved. After many therapy sessions and a lot of prayer, I understand my own personal boundaries as well as my deal breakers. I can speak up for myself and say exactly what I want, don't want, and not be afraid of the response. Everybody is not meant for everybody. However, somebody is meant for that one special.....well body 😊. 

Moral of this story is never be afraid to find your voice, your attachment style, and your boundaries.

Here's to learning and growing each day!


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