Take a bow

You've been running on empty for quite sometime now. I think it's time for you to have a seat. You want to be there for so many, but right now I need you to be here for me. Your not sleeping with me nor feeding me properly and that's why we're always getting sick. I know you have all these dreams and goals but right now I need you to sit. Let's reflect on how we've gotten this far and what we need to let go of. Who came up with this idea that you had to be unhealthy to be successful?  Who said that we constantly have to be on auto pilot?

I know our daily routine to well because this is the story we always tell. But can the person your speaking to see how much help you need? Do they see that your cracking at the seams? I shall answer that for you and say no because our pride would not allow you to say help nor please. So here we are in this place of anxiety, worry, and doubt. All because we couldn't discuss what everything on our mind is about. Where can we go from here you'd ask? How about let's start with a journaling class. A class that will allow you to speak your thoughts and remind you that all of this is not your fault. This has been embedded in you to do things solo. And never realizing that that your never alone.

Let me be the first to say I'm proud of your successes. You've made it this far but let's change your prospective. No more comparing yourself to the women next to you. For you don't know how she feels and how she so much wants to be like you. Let's find our place in this session so we can look within and learn the lesson. The lesson to know who we really are and just exactly who has been helping you and caring you thus far.

You give yourself to others so much that you've forgotten the person that truly needed your touch. Let's take this lesson and turn the table. For this is your real life and not a fable. Have this moment to yourself my dear. Take this time to truly deal. As much as you want to move and save the world. I need you to take a bow and possibly a twirl. That's move forward and focus on self. And no longer focus on everybody else.

Can you love on me for just awhile? I really would love to see that smile. Let's take a walk in the park or go play chess. I just simply want your mind to rest. You won't miss a thing during your time with me. Somebody else will handle it, it's just not going to be me. Breathe in the moment and let's stay present. The future will be alright love even if our plans don't fully make it. I'm right here and I'll hold your hand all the way through. This is just yourself speaking, asking to spend sometime with you.


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