Cast all Your Cares

Enter into this place of casting your cares. A place where you come in full and leave empty. This place where you can come as you are with no judgment or shame. Everybody that comes here, knows my name.

Come into this place where you will find your room. All the letters on the walls all came from you. They are your thoughts that nobody knows but me. Jars full of your tears that I have kept a complete count. Come to me all who are weary, allow me to give you rest. The rest that no money can buy. No pill you can take nor a vacation to escape.

This rest is priceless for my son gave it all. He gave it to you for every time you fall. Don't believe me? Come in and put me to the test, give me your cares and I'll give you the rest. The rest you need because I got all of this handled, I see all your cares on my mantle.

Let me take care and supply all your needs. Let me show you that it has always come for me. So come on in and lay it all at my feet. And I'll give you this bed to let you sleep. 

You are my sheep and I'm your shepherd. Making sure none of you gets deserted. Remember, I will leave the 99 to go get my one. so do not worry my child for it is already done.


Anonymous said…
When you just feel it all in your soul. Blessings to you.

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