Wounded Warrior

         You've been on ground zero, fighting the good fight. You started with fire in your eyes and passion in your heart. The coordinates given to are the hills were you can see and hear the voice of God. You hear his instructions and follow his word. But what happens to you when you make a wrong turn? What happens when you fall down that hill and end up on top of rocks by the water? What happens when your armor is cracked, bent, chipped, and broken leaving you exposed to bleed?

        This is when you're carried to me. You're platoon was concerned and didn't want to loose you. One thing people have to understand is when you make the decision to come to the Lord and accept Jesus, you become apart of a family. A family that protects you and helps you. Galatians 6:2 says to "Carry on each others burdens and in this way you will fulfill the requirements of the law of Christ." Now you're in this family, a new creation. We are all given instructions on what to do, how to live, and who to be. However, nobody tells you what happens when you slip, stumble, or fall. There's no discussions of what to do or where to go when your slip becomes your downfall or when your path becomes this place of mirrors and you decipher the lie from the truth. This is where I come in. You may not know me, but you will feel me soon.
         In the center of the battleground, is where we meet. Where the injured come for surgery or observation. This my friend is the red tent, divided into sections. From the sick, to the healed, to the ones needing amputation, to the ones that simply need an inspiration. There's significance to this tent that I'll touch on later, for now come on in for an evaluation. I see that your armor is a little out dated, nothing has been shined and everything looks tainted. I can tell that this fall has you looking defeated. You look like a child that has simply been mistreated. Nothing to worry about or be dismayed, for what you don't know is that I've been waiting on this day. I knew you were coming before you fall and I prepared a room for you, bed and all. While you're here, take heed to his word and strip off the weight that has held you down for so long. Because my friend, that is the very reason for your fall.
        Now while you are in you're bed, don't be alarmed wit what you see. Wounded warriors have many faces, some look like you and me. What is surprising to some but not to me, is that some of the warriors do not want to leave. The funny thing about injuries, you know, the ones you can see is that even when it's healed, sometimes it bleeds. Why is that you ask? Well that's simple to explain, there's this powerful muscle that's called the brain. And let me tell you that in that very place can play a lot of games. It shows you who you are, the good and the bad. It can even create a whole new world that you know you can not have.
        This is why I'll be with every step of the way. To make sure that you're healing happens my way. It starts with the renewing of your mind. Yes this happened to you, but let's cast that aside. Let's get to the root of the turn that left you injured. Get all of it out so you won't be hindered. You made the choice to enlist in the battle, little did you know it was an actual war. You now have this family that you don't really trust, without realizing that that's all of us. Trust does not come naturally to some, especially the abused. Your walls are so far up there, that you can't even be used. Have you ever wondered why your position never changed? Did you not see that you've been in this season of rain? That is why on that hill you slipped because this whole time, you've been in control holding a tight grip. You hear the orders and instructions but it's only so faint. Because you question how much more you can take. Don't take this conversation as a beating or chastisement. I'm simply here out of love and excitement.
        I see who you are and who you're called to be. The only two things you have to so is believe and receive. Receive all that HE has for you and everything that comes with it. Because unlike you humans, he's never going to quit. His love for you is so deep and wide that there isn't a place you can hide. He will follow you to the ends of the earth, to even the pit of hell because of your worth. I see even now with the words I speak, a release has come over you and what you feel is peace. Peace knowing that he has not asked for your perfection. All he wants is your confession. Now rise up out of this bed, for I do not want you to stay any longer. You see, those around you are all simply wondering. Why do they wonder you ask? Oh that's easy, they wont forget and let go of the past. You see, when Jesus stepped in all was forgiven. Even before you were born and started sinning. What's beautiful about Jesus is he took everything away so you can be on ground zero going about your day. Remember when I told you that this red tint has it's on story? Well it's here to give God glory. It's a reminder for you to remember what was shed, and also to remind of the covering that pours down your very head.
        So lets take off that gown and get you dresses. You've been here long enough and had your rest. Don't worry or be concerned at what you currently see. Your scars tell a story and you'll tell others about me. God uses many to give his children wisdom. Just know it's all for the kingdom. So let's put this on: the belt of righteousness and the breastplate of truth. They both have been washed and looks completely brand new. Before you head out on your way, there's just one more thing I have to say.
        Life will happen with it's twist and turns,you can't control it because it's not yours. You will have moments of hurt and sadness, just don't stay there to long and miss the assignment. You'll see this tent in the center of wherever you go, just don't come here on your on accord. I'll know where to find you when you call out and seek. You see, I the Holy Spirit always knows where to meet. Now your dressed to be on your way, standing more confident than the day before yesterday. Stand your ground and walk free in your healing. No guilt or shame can take away this healing. As you walk out of the tent, you'll start to run. Like at a track meet from the sound of the gun. I'm smiling at my child whom I'm well pleased, even when you fall down I'll pick you up with ease. For you are wearing my armor I designed, flowing in righteousness and the powerful meaning behind. And that word means FREE FROM guilt and shame, so there's nothing I won't heal not even from within.
So my children you will have moments when you slip and fall. That is when you come to the red tent to be reminded of it all. Of me, my son, and the holy spirit. So you can get refreshed and get back in it. Just know I am with you and you're never alone. You may not feel me but if you remain in me, You'll be right at home.        


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