Take it slow

In a fast pace, hustle, and grind hard society some tend to get completely lost. I am the type of person that is so future focused that I hardly ever live nor pay attention to the present. Being the type a, goal list driven for years, I can be honest and say that I have missed so many different things in my life and the life of those around me. When everything is going full speed ahead, the only thing that can stop you is an unnecessary accident or issue.

The past two weeks, I've had some health issues that I have ignored but now have come to ahead. You can try to work with it, serve others during it, but eventually your body will force you to sit down. Having an issue with nephropathy I must say is something that I will never want people to experience. Each moment of the day, my legs are on complete fire and walking is out of the question. Times when my legs and even my feet are numb and I'm trying to find solutions to fix this without medication. The medication that I have been given only gives me eye twitching and the best nightmares on earth said nobody. This time in so much pain, I had no choice but to sit down at home. Missing work is not something that I like to do however, now I don't have a choice.

Being at home has had a plus side to all of this madness of pain. I'm able to really sit back, study for school, get ahead of my homework, get a little stressed (and almost laugh at) about my budget, but truly look around and see how blessed I am. Yes I am in pain however, I have people to help me take care of me. Some are not as fortunate to be able to go to the doctor or miss work for that matter. Many have to endure the pain without anyone even aware of it. Believe or not, some people are not as vocal as myself. This is when I will challenge you to truly ask people you know how they are doing and feeling. Let them know that you have a safe space for them and you want to really help them they best way you can.

I am trying my best to get back to what normal should look like, I just have to take it slow and easy on myself. Here's to self care everyone!


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