It is those times of pain that wisdom and truth come fourth. My heart experienced a level of hurt recently and with that pain came so many tears. You can't always blame others for hurting you. Sometimes, you have to look at yourself for allowing them to get to you in the first place. You can not control others however, you can control your response.

I've learned that I am a truly different type of woman. I am a woman who can speak her mind with respect and no malicious intent. God has given me discernment to see things and people for what they truly are. A swift tongue of course but also a fighter in the physical and spiritual. Because I am aware of this, not any man would be able to have me. You see, your very presence is a privilege and you choose who you allow in your space.

With this knowledge comes the work: I have to be cautious on who I let around me. I have to guard my heart on a totally different level. When the time comes for the one I've been equipped for, I'll be ready for him. In the meantime I will continue my growth and discovery.


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