Not moving on, simply moving

It has been almost three years since loosing the little person and I would say that I have grown. Yes I miss her like crazy  and I wish I can say that I have been moving on, but what does moving on look like? Having another baby as if she never happened? Being in a new relationship and not being afraid that I will not get hurt or the relationship as a whole not working out? To be honest, I'm not sure what this moving on is supposed to look like for me. I would be lying if I said that I am completely happy with this life of mine. I have moments when I'm down right grateful for all that God has done for me this is for sure. However, I have had more moments of questioning then praising. I know that God knows the plans that he has for me, it just would be nice to get a preview of what this plan actually looks like. At this moment, I can currently say that I am working on my heart. I would like to get out of this headspace of brokenness and bitterness. I simply want to live again and truly have peace and joy in my heart. Yes life sucks and can hurt sometimes, I just want to have the peace knowing and believing that all things are working for my good. Today I will do my absolute best with moving, and the best way to start is deep within myself.

Here's to moving


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