Dear Heart

Dear Heart,

There comes a time when you must learn to never give yourself away. To not be so easily impressed by a smile or a nice gesture. To keep yourself guarded at all times. No one see's your worth or value anymore. They only see personal gain or simply do not know how to handle you. So for now love, I ask that you remain hidden for awhile. Just enough time for you to heal and to evaluate what just happened. To realize your faults and the other person's faults. To look at the lesson behind the pain and hurt. Remember to not look back or try to reason with them. They were ready to let you go because they didn't want something that was hard to keep. For if it was easy, everyone would have you. Don't beat yourself up because you gave it your best and remained true to who you are. Let's take this time to rest love. For one day, someone will see your value and love you, cherish you, take care of you, protect you, pray for you, and cover you. Until then remain under the Father.




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