Not everyone is supposed to have access to you at all times. You have to make time for yourself and God. If you have people in your life that are not helping you reach the higher you then you need to cut them loose. Some of those people you may not even remotely think that they are dragging you down to their level. I had an incident that took me a few days to realize what was going on. If your in a relationship or marriage and you have insecurities, you need to discuss them with your significant other and not venture out to a single women who you think is vulnerable and will give your thoughts a time of day. You will not hinder me nor block my blessings because of some inner demons you have not been delivered from. No human on this earth can heal your actions of your past, only God can heal and redeem.

For those who are single, please keep your guard up against anyone who wants to pray on your assumed vulnerability. It's no ones job to save you, it's the Lord's. No man nor women can fill the voids like God can.

I'm just thankful for the discernment to open my eyes to the things that are not of Him.

I'm just going to keep on pruning away where I am and I pray that you ask God to help you do the same. Just know when He speaks, do it!


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