Seasons of friends

In your lifetime, you come across many people. Some will be there for a season, while others will be there until the end of time. When a friendship comes to a end it can be painful even if your not the one that closes that chapter. Unlike most people I know, my friends that I have on social media are indeed my true friends. But what do you do when your unfriended? Do you take it personal? Or do you take it in stride?

Everything happens for a reason even when you don't understand the reason at that time you have to trust and believe that god knows what he's doing. For a person like me, my friendships are a big deal. They are considered my family to me. I open my heart and I'm so completely real that most can't handle it. Since growing up with abandonment issues deep rooted in me, when someone exits stage left in my life I take it as a painful death. A death of a person and a death of a friendship as a whole.

But it's during those times that I must change my perspective and not be so hurt by the exit but ask myself what was taught to me during that friendship and what can I take with me in the future? You'll be surprised to know what you've learned from them once you remove your emotions and even yourself out the way. Sometimes you have to come to an understanding that not everyone is meant to be your friend and its okay being alone. I prefer to live my life drama free so if an individual has to much unnecessary drama in their life, they can keep it to themselves. In this season, I'm learning who I am and also who is with me walking up this mountain.

Here's to climbing to the top


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