Walk On It

During my therapy process, I have learned so much about myself. I've learned my voice, my worth and most importantly that I am a child of God and he loves me daily. During one of my sessions, a young women walked into the office and asked for information for a women's trip. I thought about it for a week and decided to ask for more information on this trip that was going to happen. My therapist was excited to tell me all about it and how many women from different states come every year for this trip. With a bold heart, I stepped out and paid for my trip in a few weeks. I didn't have a clue who was going and even where it was all I knew is that by faith I paid for not only a trip but for my breakthrough.

I can tell you now that I am so happy and truly blessed that I was apart of the trip. I've met some of the most amazing women I could have ever encountered. To be in a room let alone a hotel with all of the strong women of God was so amazing and beautiful. I worked really hard to hold back my emotions during this trip but I learned its okay to lay your hair and emotions down. All of the women were so supportive of each other and you can not only see but feel the genuine love for each other. During this weekend, God spoke to me through many people. I know now that he hears every prayer and sees every tear that I have cried. I know and feel that I am in the palm of his hands and I'm going to be okay. I just have to remain in him and also walk on the ocean HE has for me. The difference this time is that I'm not walking on it alone.


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