The Love Dare day Five.....So I thought

So  normally this would be the time when I say what my dare is and what God showed me about myself as well as him. But I had to put a pause to the Dare for one reason and one reason only, my emotions. In relationships, you will have moments when you look at your significant other and ask "why are we together?" And this was one of those moments. And of course when that happens, it can open the doors for others to stick their head in and whisper in your ear. I had a near and dear friend who I have known for years that confused me to beyond belief. He is a married man and lives in another state, yes at one point I had feelings for him but that was in high school. I'm a gown women and the actions of thinking like a teenager is long gone. I was so distracted with my emotions, and my friend that I just forgot about what was

In the mist of your issues, you cannot forget about God and you cannot forget about yourself. I had to put my big girl panties on, swallow my pride and with the help of my dear and closes friends, I apologized to my love say what I needed to say without being disrespectful. For those of you that are wondering if something happen with my friend and I, I can say that he kissed me and that was it. I did not feel anything but guilt. I love the man I'm with and I don't want anybody else. And with the week I've had, this is what had to happen for me to see this. I have ask God to forgive me and I have also forgiving myself. If you are in a relationship and you have friends or even so called friends that show signs to you that they don't respect your relationship,  then you need to re-evaluate your inner circle.

With that being said, it looks like I have to start this Love Dare all over again. So...............back to day one. :(


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