The Truth Within

Lately I have been really talking to God about one main subject, me. I can say that since the divorce I have learned a lot about myself and others. I know who my true friends are but I'm also welcoming new friends into my life.

Someone near and dear asked me this profound question: is it hard for you to admit or is it hard for you to accept? To be honest, it took me a few days to give an answer. I must be honest and say that it is harder for me to accept. I can admit that I went through a divorce, my ex husband had an addiction to porn, that I dealt with my stress by over eating and because my parents has unsolved issues from their past, they are unable to communicate with the children properly. But out of all of that, I can only accept that I went through a divorce.

The pain I have with my father has been in me for a few weeks. I know we are supposed to let go and let God, but sometimes that is easier said then done. I must let it go because its not helping me to have this anger towards him. Forgiveness is the hardest thing for me to done. Especially when that person does not deserve it. But I must look at the bigger picture, God forgave me so why should I not forgive others?

So ask yourself, is it harder to admit or accept? Once you answer honestly, allow God to move in all areas of your life and let him heal you. Remember it is a daily process so have patience and faith.

God Bless


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