Letting Go

Within the past 72 hours, it has come to my attention that I have not fully let go of my past. One minute I think I'm doing okay, I have let go of things but once something happens that reminds me of my past I really get emotional. Once the emotions come into play, it is hard for me to look at my reality. The truth is, for the past three years I have tried to be this women that has it "all together." But to find out, that I am a complete mess.

In the mist of my mess, I have forgotten all of those who have helped me get to where I am. And most importantly I have forgotten how far God has brought me. I can truly say that I am not who I was. Still reminding myself that letting go takes time. You have to make baby steps in the process. You cant get over your past over night, it is not realistic.

Last year around this time, I was so angry at myself and God. I no longer wanted to be around let alone alive. Now God has been transforming me, my life, my surroundings and most importantly my heart. I can say that I'm truly blessed to have the support system that I have to help me along the process. My boyfriend has had all the patientce in the world and it shows me that Gods patience with me is even greater.

I'm proud of my progress during the process of healing. Although I can be reminded of my past, that is not my present nor my future.


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