One Day

 One day you will matter to someone. One day you will be the apple of their eye. One day you will be the one they desire. One day you'll be the one they admire. One day you wouldn't have to second guess. One day you wouldn't even have to ask that question. One day he'll come to you with your favorite flowers. One day his love and admiration will tower. One day these lonely nights will come to rest. One day you'll be right beside them laying on their chest. One day your prayers will get answered. One day you two will carry that mantel. One day you'll have a reason to smile. One day it will be worth your wild. One day you'll see the world and all it's wonders. One day your tears will shed no longer. We don't know when the one day will be. Might be today, tomorrow, or eternity. What I do know that the hope that's deep inside, will not allow that prayer to die. Trust in the process and trust in yourself. For God gave you the tools of wisdom and wealth. Allow that knowledge to come fourth in this hour. To remind you that in all things, he has the power. To open, to close, remove, and bring fourth. Remember his position in the highest court. Not everyone will understand and that has to be okay. It's not for them to worry or be dismayed. This is your path, your journey, your road. This is your water and no one else's shore. So get in your boat and allow him to guide. You have everything you need for this specific ride. For this ride you've prayed for, for quite sometime. Allow the wind to blow in your hair and smell the sea. For this beautiful moment is all about peace. Peace knowing that he knows what he's doing. He writes checks he can cash and he doesn't have time to be fooling. His answers are always yes and Amen. So let's get ready for this journey to begin. One day, to someday, to now. Let's go ahead and do our natural to his super power. 


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