Are you dating a fan?

The one who has the spirit of a fan is not supposed to be your man. A fan is there to feed off your please, and once you say no they become diseased. This is why fights, arguments, and frustration happens. Because all along they strive to be your captain. To control where you come and go, to who you talk to, and how to speak. They want to strip you of your clothes to get inside you, only to create a soul tie that even you cannot beat. This is why you should always operate in discernment. Because you'll have people who only want your encouragement. Life is a balance and so is our relationships, so you must know when to quit. Who to pour into, or even sow a seed, because there will be times you'll be the one in need.

But what happens to you when you date a fan? Trying so hard to make him your man. You'll be drained bone dry and you can't find a spout, leaving you to try to figure it out. And then they decide to leave you or let you go. While you're sitting on the floor telling God you can't take it no more. God picks you up and holds your hand, reminding you that he has always been your man. So stop seeking the one that you want because those are the ones who want to get drunk. Off what you give, and how you love to please. For they know you feel your worth is based on your production. And see that you and God never had that discussion. 

You pour into them and release all your flaws, and they make you feel you have to take all that comes with them drama and all. So instead of seeking, learn how to be content so he can be able to deliver to you what is truly meant. Meant to match your calling in your full assignment. This would be so beautiful for you living in that new climate. So be content and learn all about me. Because in this discovery is where you're truly receive.


Aleshia said…
Wow. This read is amazing.
Taking notes and praying every day that the past stays there. All i need is God.

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