We Have Been Tired

    In this year of 2020, racism still is going on not just in the United States but also across the globe. As a women of color, I can not tell you how tired I am of seeing so many die at the hands of people that are suppose to protect us. You have some who choose to ignore it in hopes that this time, it will go away. That our anger is just a moment and not an actual movement. However, if you haven't noticed by now this is not going away. The death of George Floyd and now Rayshard Brooks as caused an outrage in my community.

    What troubles my heart is when I am in a room and I hear other people who are not of color talking about what is going on. The first thing I hear is about that persons criminal past. What a person did does not warrant them to die by the hands of the law. Especially when there has been multiple cases of schools being shot up, women getting raped, someone who resisted arrest and yet they are still alive to tell the tale. But when it's a person of color doing the same acts, they are dead on site. How many time do we have to say that we are not treated fairly at any given time? How many times do I have to walk into a place to shop, eat, and even worship without someone of another race looking at me in fear or have the assumption that I'm going to steal from them?

    Now this has opened up doors for people who do not know but they want to learn about it. When I explain my own personal experience, they look at me in such astonishment. I hear over and over that "I did not know it was like this." My response has always stayed the same "You didn't know because you didn't have to." As a child, we are taught before anything else is what to do and not to do when it comes to people who do not look like me. I learned what to say and not to say when it came to the law. I always knew that my voice was not going to matter but yet I kept on shouting, I kept on speaking, and I kept on writing.

For those that feel as if what is going on doesn't make sense, just try to open your mind and heart to know that we as a community, a culture, and a family are simply tired of not being treated as equals. We knew since the day this country was created that we were not created equal. The constitution that was written was not written for anyone of color. For those that think that this country has come a long way when it comes to race, let me tell you first hand that you could not be more wrong. So many people of color are not being treated equal since way before Jim Crow and it hasn't stopped. You may love our culture, our women, and even our men but you don't love us enough to help save us.

It is time for all of us to stand up and use the gifts God gave us to finally make a change in this world. Enough is enough because we have been tired for far to long.

What are you going to do to save us? To help us? To love us for who we really are which is people of God who he created in his image. What are you going to do right now? 


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