Happy Birthday Love


Today would have been a day where the house would be full of balloons, toys, books, party hats, and so much more. Instead, I'm throwing a party in my heart. This would have marked 365 of being on this earth. Spending time with your family, you discovering the world, and of course getting lots of hugs and kisses from me. Instead of all those prayers coming to light, I talked to you, hug you, and kiss you in my heart. No matter what I have chosen to do weather through a purchase, art work, letters, candle making, or blogs written does not fill the hole I have in my heart. For I carried you within in me. I felt the love you had for me and you felt the same. There is no other feeling on this planet that could compare to the feelings I have for you. So many want me to move on and to only remember you in my mind. However, those who really know me knows how outspoken I am. Your name will always be spoken, your life will always be remembered. I speak for those that deal with this alone and in the dark. That silent ache and pain that never goes away no matter what you do or accomplish in your life. Everyday I think of you love. I think of what could have been, should have been, and what is to come. God never makes mistakes and your short time with me was a pillar of hope. I hold on to that hope today love. That hope that one day I will see you again, hold you tight, and kiss those beautiful cheeks. Today I celebrate you Leiani. I celebrate you by taken care of myself. By honoring the body that carried you and praising the father that made you. Your life wasn't a mistake no matter what ignorant, immature people have attempted to speak over me. I trust God's word for he said that ALL THINGS work for my good. And you my love, are apart of my all things. I love you with every fiber of my being. Tell your uncle not to spoil you to much today. I'll see you soon baby girl, just not yet.




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