When you love someone, do not compromise who you are for their level of happiness. Love can make you do funny things and yes it can be messy and complicated. However, it does not need to be toxic for anyone involved. If you feel the need to use people to fill voids that you have in your life, you will always be left disappointed. A person can only do so much for you and to you to  make you feel "happy".

When your growing, God will show you who needs to be around you and who needs to go. Now sometimes you will get tested just to see where you are on your growth chart. It's during those times you get excited to see just how far you've come. I've been off the grid for awhile with my writing because I just wanted to take a break and really figure out who I am. It hasn't been easy my friend for I must say I have been ready to throw in the towel on a few occasions. Even still, God has remained the same. He is so patient with me for he knows that type of daughter he created. There are so many things I have been asking God for and once I opened my mouth to request it, there was a test to master it. Even in the fire, God remained.

What have you been asking for? What test are you currently taking and still can't pass it? Do you really want to "go" somewhere? Or do want to try to "grow" somewhere? Take this time to really speak to our father and pour out your heart. Let him know you concerns, thoughts, hurts, hang ups, fears, and whatever else is on your heart. But after you do that truly after you have laid it all at his feet, allow God to show you how he remains in and through it all.


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