Putting eveything into Its proper place

I must say that I have not liked this year at all. So many downs than ups. However, looking at the bigger picture of life I have made some serious decisions. After loosing my daughter, my boyfriend and I made the decision to just be friends. This came after holding onto each other for way to long. Some people are supposed to be seasonal but yet we try our very best to make them last a lifetime. We both knew the main reason for holding on was our daughter. We both grew up in a single mother home and we just didn't want that for her at all. But now she's gone and we see that we should not be together. There was to many compromises with one party and not the other. Nobody should settle for less out of fear. If you two cannot come to an agreement on anything something is wrong. I'm not saying he's a bad person in any shape or form. In fact he is a great guy, just not the guy for me. The love for him will always be there. It's just moving forward, the love is in its proper place. Now I'll be bringing in the new year childless and also single. Jesus please make 2018 so much better for me.


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