Understanding your season

2015 was a special (not in a good way) year. I had ups and downs and truly pray that 2016 would be amazing. It's only the third week into the new year and I've already learned somethings about myself. I'm growing in areas that I've prayed for growth, God has put the mirror in my face and said theses are the things your doing now change it (be careful what you pray for...just saying) and also learning that in order for you to grow in some areas or embrace the new season you are in, you have to come to a place where you can have complete closure.

For years I held people accountable for what others have done to me.I've had times where I allowed my mind to wonder so far in the past that it took weeks to come back in the present. I had a friend so near in dear to my heart (which he broke by the way...jerk) that our friendship was unhealthy for him. Talking to me would take his mind all the way back to the past the the present seemed like it wasn't enough. Yeah I had those should of or what if moments also but I didn't know it was that bad for him. I pray that he has closure now where he is and that what was in the past is just it, the past. I still care for him and he will always have a place in my heart for he had shown me so many great things about myself that I just didn't see at the time. For that I'm forever grateful fat face and I wish you and your family nothing but God's best for your lives.

I'm taking this class called New Year, New You this month and at only week two I can see and feel a change within myself. I'm learning that I'm not an orphan in God and that I'm His daughter. As his daughter there is a lifestyle that I need to uphold. You see once you become a child of God you are already in his kingdom and you must put on your armor and began to act in royalty. Daughters don't fear, stress or worry about anything for we know that God is on the thrown and he can take care of all of our needs if you give it to him. As I'm growing, I'm learning that I have trust issues even with God. I love to be in control of everything although I have no control over anything anyway except myself. I'm not where I want to be but I'm not where I use to me.

Learning to embrace this season that I'm in.

Happy Growing


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