As a human, you will have moments where your super strong willed, strong minded and nothing can bother you in any shape or form. However, you have moments when your completely down and you simply need someone to pick you up and encourage you. Today is a I need encouragement day. I miss my ex really bad and I'm trying to concentrate on my future but to be honest the future I had in my mind included him. Now it's like start over season and I'm unsure on what to do.

I need God to truly show and tell me what he needs me to do. I apologize for the moments when I knew I put him before God and I remember my ex warned me not to do that. He did say that when I tell him I love him all the time and want to spend time with him more than I do God then HE was going to take him away from me. I didn't know how right he was on that one. So I feel that people where taking away from me to get my attention and now I'm like "what do you want from me?" I need to hear from God like today. There is nothing more empty in my life then when I can't hear from my father. Please Lord, just talk to me.

Love your daughter 


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