The Love Dare days 1-21

During my process of going through the love dare, I have been going threw. At times I questioned my faith, God, my friends and even my family. This has indeed been a hard journey. A lot of old deep rooted pain has come up out of me to the point where I have decided to go to therapy. At first I was ashamed that I have to go this route but now I can care less what others think. I love myself and I know I'm under construction, I just don't want to keep myself here long. This book is showing me to love this man with my mouth shut (which is hard when he gets under my skin). But most importantly it is showing me to love the Lord. How can I love anyone when I don't have a relationship with God to where I walk with him daily? Yes I pray and go to church but that's not enough. That's like having a relationship with your parents on holidays, when you can get something from them but not of yourself. Why didn't I see this before? I would love to have a relationship with God to where I can hear his voice and not even question if it's him or myself. But I know that this takes time. As I walk this journey of going to therapy, it is going to be painful for me. But I'm holding on tight to Gods word and he says that he knows the plans he has for me. Not for my harm but for my God. Lord I'm trusting you for my complete healing.


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