The Love Dare Day three

Today's dare is all about investing. Not investing like your 401k, savings or anything like that. But it's all about investing into your partner. Not only do I have to buy him something that say's I was thinking of you today, I also have to continue to refrain from any negative comments to him at all. Since I start reading each chapter first thing in the morning, I had and still have no clue what to purchase him that says I was thinking about you. But what I did do today was deep clean the house, make breakfast for him, myself and also the dog. We ended up having a small argument and I could not say one negative thing to him. Ugh!!!!!! I just walked away with my head down feeling defeated since I could not tear him down with my words like I normally do. He then began to open his heart and talk to me about what else me. He said that he could tell today that I was tuning him out and how I'm always on the defense when it comes to him. I'm not sure of why but I was today. Money that I have can not tell him that I was thinking about him or how much I love him. Today I learned that my words are priceless and even my time. All he asked of me today was to have confidence in myself and also have words of encouragement for him. Is this not what God asked of us to do? To love our neighbor as ourselves and to also watch our tongue? The bible says that there is death and life in the tongue. So why have I been so busy destroying this man with my words and actions? That is not showing the proverbs 31 wife at all.

Lord forgive me for my thoughts and actions towards others and even myself, help me to continue to strive to be more like you and be the women of God you have called me to be. In Jesus name Amen.  


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