The Love Dare day one

Recently, my boyfriend and I have discussed getting engaged soon. He even asked me to start looking at rings so he can get an idea of what type of style I like. As happy as I am about this, it also makes me nervous because of my past. My first marriage did not work out, so why would this? My other issue that I have is me. I have a very bad temper and my mouth can run before my mind can catch up. Because of this, a really good friend asked me to a dare. She knows me very well and knows that I don't back down to anything so I was up for the challenge until she told me what it was. She asked if I loved my boyfriend and wanted to spend the rest of my life with him. Of course I said yes because that is what I feel and also know in my heart. So since my answers were yes, she challenged me for the next 40 days to take the love dare. Now for those who do not know this dare, it is from the movie Fireproof. This dare is for married couples to strengthen the marriage and there is also a love dare for parents. Since I'm not married yet, this can prepare me for it. Lately I have been asking God to prepare me to become the Godly wife he has called me to be so it is very funny that she asked me to this dare.

Day 1: Love is patient

I have been dared today to speak nothing but positive words to my mate. Even if he is doing not so positive actions. This has been hard for me since I know I have been very judgmental towards him in every way. I have even took this a step further and applied this dare in my workplace. That meant today, I had to find the positive in everything including my coworkers. All day I have asked God to help me because my thoughts and mouth can go for hours to soon regret it later on. Thus far God has helped me today and even showed me how judgmental I am with people. Although I may not say anything, its all in my mind and we all know that your words, actions and emotions all start with a simple thought.

Today's challenged showed me that I must be quick to listen and slow to speak......everyday. Lord I hope this challenged gets a little better. It's only day one......


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