The meaning of a friend

We all have times where we need to vent to someone. I do it for the simple fact that if I hear myself talk, I can be able to solve my own problems. Now I just don't even to anybody for the simple fact that not everyone can be trusted, mature or even on the same level of understanding as myself. But when do you set boundaries on the venting conversation?

During the divorce, I have been judge so harshly. I'm going to hell and so fourth for leaving the home and also leaving the church. And I can say that all of those word words hurt me. I can talk about it now and laugh however, I don't need to be judge in my everyday life. No one on this earth is perfect and if you feel that when your saved and belong to Christ you are, you are highly mistaken. See each day God's gives us grace and mercy to get through the 24 hours. It's not rolled over for the next day, you simply as for it.

I may not be doing things in the way you think I should go, but my father looks at my heart and hears my confession not my actions. Each person has their own level of growth with God. Yours maybe higher or lower then my own. Just because we belong to the Lord does not mean that I hold you or even myself to a higher level. There are many times when I come across Christians who feel that they are untouchable and your dirty because of your lifestyle or choices you make. Just don't underestimate the love and will of God. What he has for you is for you and what he has for me is for me. Don't talk down or look down on my process because your not that far off from me.

With Love.


Felicia D. Hawkins said…
Thank God for being a true "Friend"
Syliece McBroom said…
Thank you for being a frind to me.

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