Should have been me

There are times when you look backwards in your life and think. Just like before you have the what if syndrome.  I have a close friend who is getting married soon. We were together at one point but it just did not work out. Now several years later we both grew and matured in ways we could not ever see happen. Although I'm truly happy for his marriage, there is a part of me that feels like it should have been me. It sucks sometimes when your with someone and the relationship goes sour and then you see them later in life and notices that they grew up. Why couldn't that happen back then!!!!!
A good friend of mind told me that if it should've been you, it would be right now. Since its not, keep moving forward.  She's right, I just need to continue on my path. I wish him and his wife the best of luck.


Felicia D. Hawkins said…
I think we all have one of those people where our thoughts are "should've been me" (Lol) This is a funny, but so true reality. Thanks for sharing.
Syliece McBroom said…
Anytime, that day was really hard for me. But I know that he is happy and that is all that matters.

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