What if......

Has there ever been a time when you question your position in life? Yes things happen for a reason, but has anyone question why? Or what if? Last night I had a dream about my ex husband that has me now in a very emotional state. In the dream he was very sweet and asked me to come back home. He was showing me how much he loved me. Things that he has never done before. Now I'm just questioning my reality if the divorce was the right choice. What if I made a mistake? What if he was supposed to be my partner for life? What if I'm in a position that God does not want me to be?

But then I remind myself that everything, everything, everything happens for a reason. And there is a season for everything. That marriage was for a season of growth and maturity for me. It showed me now only who I was as a person, but also a wife. I'm thankful for what I learned in that season. I'm thankful for this season of healing and moving forward.


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