Time Change

With the new time change, it did a number on my body. I lost an hour of sleep so I need to go to bed earlier then normal to get my nine hours of sleep. (eight is not enough for me plus I hit the snooze button every now and than) Not only does your body need to be adjusted, your mind needs it also. So with this time change, I have decided to change my thoughts, actions and words.

During my marriage, I conformed to the image my husband wanted me to be. I soon forgot who I was and it has been hard to find "me". But I took a leap of faith and with the help of a great family friend, my body image is about to change. But this time its for me. I'm learning to love the new me. My challenge for myself is that each day, I will find something that I like about me. It can be from my hair, to my eyes and even my hips. This can be a challenge for me since I don't like looking in the mirror.

What I have to rember is this: God made me me in his image and if he loved me so much to make me, have Jesus die for me and for him to save me plus forgive me daily, why cant I love myself the way he loves me?


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